MetroVac DataVac Electric Duster ED 500

I came across a facebook page while browsing through and it caught my attention.

The page, introduced me to a whole new experience of cleaning my computer and all.

Usually, I’d buy 2 cans of compressed air and use them to blow out my desktop and laptop. But it’s usually a long wait when using them as when you use the canned air for a while, it starts to get cold and the air pressure is weak. Thus when 1 of it is down, I’d use the other can to continue my work.

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to thoroughly clean the pc when your aim is to really remove most/all of the dust that has accumulated in it.

So coming back to the topic, this company was selling something remarkable and something that geeks would love to use especially those who help repair computers and other stuffs.

Introducing, The Metro Vac Datavac Electric Duster.

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long long time….. long…

So yea, it’s been a really loooonnnggg time since i’ve written anything useful or whatsoever.

Would like to thank the streaming views on a paticular post – NS post.

There are actually more questions about it than the ones i’ve approved and replied as i felt that they were repetitive or it was more of a one word answer.

So update about me? as usual…. tired and packed with stuffs to do. Having my ATP this coming monday (wish me luck!!). I’ve seen the MO for a certification that i’m fit for rundown and thus if i get marksmen (which i hopefully get), i’d get an incentive and also the marksmen batch! GOD DAMN! IT’S COOL SIA!

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3 months have passed!!!

What’s up people!

Today marks theĀ completionĀ of the 3rd month of my NS life. What I can tell you is that it feels quite fast that 3 months have passed. I just feel like I poc-ed last week.

Today is also the day where I received my posting where I will be (most probably) “working” for the rest of my NS.

Unfortunately, it seems that my body is breaking into pieces. My legs are aching like mad and my knees are getting worse. Hopefully I can get to see the MO and request to see a specialist before “it’s too late”.

How’s life in NS so far? I’d say it’s a mix reaction.

Got alot of “tattoos” from all the mozzies from the forested areas and it’s super itchy.

Hmmm… what else? i’ve really got no idea…

recently I saw a spike in views over here and I realized it’s all related to NS. Heard that there were people enlisting today and the coming days so ALL DE BEST! CHIONG AAAARRRRHHHH!!!!

For now, I’m gonna head to bed early as I’m freakin’ tired. Hopefully I’ll have something to write about sooner or later.


Till then, take care and ciaoz!